EMEFE's new EP, Time, picks up where their May 2015 self-titled release left off - a genre-bending, body and thought provoking, mesmerizing dance party train whizzing past you, lifting you up off of your feet for the ride. EMEFE's unique rhythms draw you in and move you; their layered vocals lead you... every moment matters. With Time, EMEFE moves their style forward, consolidating and focusing ideas they have been exploring for 5 years. Their afrobeat influence is omnipresent but covert, subtly tangled up with funk drum machines, rock riffs, and synths from outer space. The Time EP presents five statements of intent for their future, altogether screaming that there are no bounds on this band's creativity and expression, and this is only the beginning. The DNA of EMEFE has never changed, but the body it inhabits is ever-evolving.




time (RELEASED MAY 2016)

"Bursting with exceedingly unique melodies and groovy rhythms, EMEFE’s newest EP, Time, takes their multi-instrumental prowess to new heights. As chunky synth notes overlay nimble guitar riffs, the release manages to be fun without losing an edge of intrigue." -

EMEFE (released may 2015)

EMEFE is about breaking through static, the undefinable noise and clutter of everyday life. The album’s concepts were inspired by French author Jacques Lusseyran’s And There Was Light, chronicling a blind man’s realization of light and love in his time during the French resistance movement. After years of creating an original and fearless pop style showcased through their live performances, EMEFE’s signature style is finally exhibited on their new record. EMEFE’s beats are a cross between Fela Kuti and Prince, with vocals reminiscent of the Talking Heads’ candor and the Beach Boys’ lushness... all with a unique pop sensibility. Coming to terms with frustration, anxiety and fear, the album pits complacency against change. The first half of the album (the ‘Tension Suite’) descends into these static emotions without ever escaping them; the second half (the ‘Release Suite’) ascends beyond, into a place of clarity and peace.


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