EMEFE announces Final Show in Bryant Park

EMEFE is playing our final show on August 19th, 2016 in Bryant Park. 

We will be celebrating all that EMEFE is, was, and will be, in one huge retrospective show. We will be playing music from our entire catalogue and bringing back some old bandmates. We hope that all our friends, fans, and family will join us to celebrate this beautiful community we have fostered and cared for since 2009. 

Everyone who was a part of EMEFE honed their artistic identities through our growth as a band. It is one of those rare and beautiful things where you can listen to our discography (from 2011’s Music Frees All to 2016’s Time) and literally trace each band member (and the band as a whole) strengthening their unique artistic voice. In that spirit, our complete discography is now available online through our Bandcamp site.

As much as we love EMEFE dearly, we have collectively decided that we simply need to let EMEFE rest for the time being. It’s not that we don’t have new music to play together (we certainly do), and it’s not that we don’t get along anymore, or anything like that… we are letting EMEFE rest because our collective and individual creativity has diverged from the musical mission statement of EMEFE, and our attentions and energies are being called elsewhere. We are all happy and excited for the future. We have only just begun as artists, and EMEFE was instrumental in getting us to this very moment. We are forever grateful for that.

EMEFE will continue to exist through the albums and videos we have made, and it may exist through music released in the future, or playing shows again… we are leaving all possibilities open!

Our August 19th show will be a night for the history books, though, and we hope to see everyone who has so generously supported and loved the band since its early days, and to our newer fans who have kept us going. Let’s celebrate EMEFE!

-Miles & EMEFE

Final Show RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/1074265329276398/

EMEFE discography on Bandcamp:  emefe.bandcamp.com/music